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More information about HTA can be found on the Company's Website, Facebook, Linked In and Twitter.Forward-Looking Language" data-reactid="27"Forward-Looking Language This press release contains certain forward-looking statements.

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If the subsidiary was purchased in a non-taxable transaction, the parent's outside basis in the subsidiary's stock will equal the seller's basis, adjusted for the parent's interest in subsequent taxable income earned by the subsidiary and distributions made by the subsidiary to the parent.The taxable gain, if any, recognized by the seller (either individual investors or corporate shareholders) upon the sale of stock or assets is equal to the purchase price less the tax basis in the stock or assets sold.If the tax basis exceeds the sale price, the seller recognizes a loss on the transaction rather than a gain.Tax basis is the carrying cost of an asset on a company's tax balance sheet, and is analogous to book value on a company's accounting balance sheet.In most cases, assets are initially recorded at acquisition cost for both book and tax purposes.

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